Need Cash Fast? Suck a Couple of Easy Bucks Right Out of Your Gas Tank (You Haven't Heard This Yet)
By Eddie C. Note

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Need a couple of bucks?  Are you thinking, "I need money now."  Well, take all the advice you're heard about boosting mileage and I'll go you one better.

I'm sure you've heard you can boost mileage by removing the excess junk out of the trunk.  There's one weighty area that nobody talks about: Your gas tank.  Just try driving with a maximum of one-quarter of a tank of gas.

A gallon gas weighs a little over six pounds.  If you have a 20 gallon tank and eliminate 15 gallons, you'll drop almost 100 pounds off your load if you don't ride with more than a quarter tank.  That 100 pounds is like driving around with a 10-12 year old child in the passenger seat all the time.  So what does that mean in terms of hard, cold cash?

My friend drives a Jeep and I'm rolling in an Explorer.   In addition to the hard math, our individual experiences also validate the savings.  If your car is smaller and lighter, your savings would probably be a bit more

At a minimum, it means an extra $3 to $4 in your pocket instead of paying to haul extra weight around.  Now, if you're really strapped for money, that found cash can mean an evening meal out on the fast food dollar menu for you and your spouse or child.  If you're really scraping by, you know just how festive that little treat can be.  You also know what it can mean in terms of making your week a little bit more enjoyable - thanks to your gas tank savings.

If you just want to hang on to that extra $3 to $4 dollars a week, that can pay large dividends, as well.  If you invest $3 a week at 6% daily compounded rate for 30 years, you'll have accumulated $13,146.  Your $4 will build to $17,528.  (These calculations were done on an online calculator at American Century Investments.)  

So the choice is up to you.  You can spring for a treat or start to build wealth.  Either way, you can't lose.

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