Give me 45 minutes and I'll teach you to change the way you think about and handle money...

101 Ways to Find Needed Cash When You're Living Paycheck To Paycheck, Strapped For Funds, And Don't Know Who To Turn To...

It happens to most all of us....

Usually at least once in every person's life comes a time when the need is great and the resources are few.

All of a sudden and without warning, your roof begins to leak! Your hot water heater shuts down and your computer goes up in smoke, the clutch needs to be replaced in your car and your son decides to have his wedding on the Isle of Oahu - all of this within the same week!

As you sit, stunned and you ponder an exit strategy you receive a friendly letter from the IRS explaining that you miscalculated your taxes in 1996, and they now own your house.

At times like this, you need a plan of action. Some useful cost-saving tips and income generating ideas just to make sure you can sleep at night.

And at times like this, you need my new guide...

101 Ways to Raise Emergency Money!

Greetings Friend,

Do you need to know how to curb bad spending habits and start saving emergency funds? And quick?

The truth is, many people find themselves in your position throughout their lives. And it doesn't have to do with how much money you make.

In fact, a recent study found that middle class workers often had the least cash on hand of any other group. Even of those in the lowest income groups!

Once you realize that your lifestyle often decides how desperate you are for cash, it can be the awakening that teaches you to change your habits.

"Who Else Wants to Turn Their Financial Emergency into an Organized Plan for Recovery?"

The best time to start changing your financial habits for the better is when you are faced with a lack-of-cash emergency. Suddenly you're faced with the fact that something needs to change if you are ever going to be financially free.

Within my 50 page guide, "101 Ways To Raise Emergency Money," you'll learn all the tricks, tips, and cost-cutting strategies you need to start saving and earning emergency funds. The report downloads straight to your computer and you can get started raising that cash in less than an hour from now! is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

=> The first key to handling any money emergency. (Page 4)

=> The biggest mistake people make when they meet a financial crisis. (Page 5)

=> When to take out a home equity line of credit - and what to look out for when you do. (Page 6)

=> Why you should think twice before borrowing from your 401k or IRA. (Page 7)

=> How smart citizens take on a hobby that can translate into cash when they're strapped. (Page 7)

=> How ignoring smaller details can lead to disaster. (Page 8)

=> The secret to planning ahead for unexpected (but inevitable) surprises. (Page 8)

=> How to put money away in an emergency fund - even when you don't think you have the discipline. (Page 9)

=> A good rule of thumb for using credit cards ("...don't use the cards for anything can either [blank] or [blank]"). Best used when you can't get yourself to cut your plastic up. (Page 10)

=> 7 ways to trim your expenses down each month starting at home. (Page 11)

=> The secret to creatively saving up a large chunk of cash just by reacting to everyday situations! (Like tipping your savings when you tip a waitress and 15 other ways to save.) (Pages 10-11)

=> 54 life changing financial tips to start adding to your life today (in the beginning, just try adding 2 or 3). (Pages 13-15)

=> 45 everyday tips for saving cash day in and day out (starting now)! (Pages 15-18)

=> 21 ways to keep your old lifestyle and save money doing it. (Pages 18-22)

=> 9 ways to save on energy costs around your home. (Pages 20-21)

=> The secret to keeping warm through the night even after turning the heat off (and it's not about piling on more blankets). (Page 18)

=> How to change the way you think about money. (Page 19)

=> How slightly changing your diet a few days out of the week could help you save $1,200 a year. (Page 22)

=> The "money-game" creative savers play to stock up a hefty chunk of cash. (Page 23)

=> What to do with those glossy catalogs that make it to your house (and tempt you). (Page 25)

=> Refuse to pay full price from here on out (and it will become reality). (Pages 21-22)

=> How a tip from Albert Einstein can help you save every single day. (Page 26)

=> Why paying even $10 more than your credit card minimums is worth it. (Page 27)

=> 5 ways to save at your bank. (Page 28)

=> 4 questions to ask yourself to re-evaluate your life. (Page 29)

=> How to convince yourself it's time for the "mother" of all garage sales. (Page 30)

=> How to save yourself the national average $1,100 a year by cutting up your credit cards and paying them off. (Pages 31-32)

=> 5 steps in a battle plan that will turn the way you look at finances around (and change your life forever). (Pages 32-34)

=> 3 ways to keep yourself from becoming so emotionally overwhelmed you can't make any progress at all. (Pages 35-36)

=> 7 ways to immediately ease the burden when suddenly hit with a financial crisis (without borrowing). (Pages 36-37)

=> 7 tips for curbing impulse buying. (Page 38)

=> 14 ways to start saving money on gas starting today. (Pages 38-39)

=> 5 tricks to teaching your mind to spend less and save more. (Page 40)

=> 5 credit cards to compare (if you must use one) that will reward you for doing so. (Pages 42-43)

=> Why some financial planners think investing money is a better choice than paying off debts with low interest rates. (Page 44)

=> 5 savings strategies to apply to your everyday living philosophy. (Page 45)

=> How to slash your electric bill in 6 easy steps. (Pages 46-47)

=> Clever ways to save on your cell phone bill, checking account, insurance rates, and mortgage payments. (Pages 48-49)

=> 5 emergency preparedness lists you may wish to put together to make sure you are ready to deal with unforeseen disasters. (Pages 50-54)

And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

The Secret of Coming Back From a Financial Emergency Stronger Than Before...

If you're in financial trouble, the first thing you want to do might be to start borrowing money. Either from friends or family, a 401k or IRA and so forth.

And sometimes this is the only solution. But often times it just prolongs your misery!

If you're finding it hard to sleep now - if you feel stressed out now - you're only making the problem last longer.

In my guide, I'll teach you 21 ways to keep as close to your present lifestyle as possible and still start collecting extra dollars every time you turn around. (Just see pages 16-17)

You'll find out you can do to find extra cash starting today. Like turning hobbies into income (Page 7) or turning items from around the house into dollar bills in your hand.

With gas prices raising as fast as they are, the whole nation is starting to notice a lack of cash on hand. When you read pages 38-40 of my report, you'll know what others don't about how to get the most value out of every dollar you spend at the gas pump.

All in all, my guide is full of ways to start compiling cash from all corners of your life in order to find emergency funds fast.

I take 54 pages to give you "101 Ways to Raise Emergency Money" that anyone can use. Many people pay financial planners as much as $150/hour to help them find ways to save money - and it's often worth it to do so!

But with my timely report, you don't have to do so. You can start compiling emergency cash today for just $7.00. That's not a mistake.  Your entire investment for this report is only $7.00 - that's less than 7 cents an idea.  One small investment to turn your entire financial life around. Times are obviously tight, but getting my report is not a decision you can regret.

It's all spelled out in my...

3 Month Money Back Guarantee!

At this time in your life, there's no room for error. I know that my report will help you start to cut back on costs and to find ways to raise money for your emergency situation. So I have no problem putting all the risk on me.

Choose to get my report right now, today. Look through it and start writing down the ways you can start to raise emergency funds. If you don't immediately feel better. If you don't immediately feel like you have a plan, and some hope, to get out of your emergency financial situation.

Just write me an email saying so. Don't feel like you have to apologize and I don't need a long explanation. I won't ask any questions, I'll just issue you a refund ASAP and wish you luck with your situation.

Either I help you solve your problem or you get your money back. Every dime. How does that sound?

Since the risk is all on me, there's no reason to delay in getting my report right now. Click the link below to answer a few questions for me and then we'll get to work organizing a plan on the other side.

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Eddie Money

P.S. Are you in desparate need of emergency cash? Get my guide right now and I'll teach you how to start finding extra dollars in all aspects of life. You'll learn how to cut out unnecessary costs and lighten the expense of others (like gas and energy prices).

Just scroll up to see all the ways you can start putting together your emergency cash starting now. Once you do, your emergency will start to fit within a well organized plan that promises to get you back on track.

And best of all, you'll be able to sleep the whole night through, calm and cool, knowing your emergency is under control.